Thursday, May 13, 2010

Megan Fox visits a Ren Faire

The title says it all! She is forced to undergo a rather ticklish ordeal while she is in attendance. The crowd doesn't seem to mind however.

This fake was NOT done by me. I normally don't post pics I don't get permission for first, but I can't figure out who did this one. I will gladly credit the proper person if anyone knows...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Emma Stone in trouble in the stocks!

Another great fake from the ever talented Gargalesis! Zombieland beauty Emma Stone laughs her time away while locked in a set of stocks.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jessica Alba finds time to laugh

The lovely Jessica Alba makes her ticklish debut in the stocks here. Enjoy her plight! Thanks to Gargalesis for the picture.

Kate Beckinsale can't escape the tickles!

Poor Kate, she's been featured a bunch on the blog here. She's a popular tickle target. I guess there are worse things to be known for?
Another swell fake courtesy of Gargalesis!

Evangeline Lilly is "Lost" in laughter

I know, I know, horrible pun. This is why I don't write these descriptions for a living. Anyway, another great fake from Gargalesis!

Megan Fox in a straight jacket

This is by Gargalesis. Megan Fox is always getting requests to be seen tickled, so here is another one!

Another fine contributor!

I would like to thank Gargalesis for allowing various fakes of his on the blog here. He does some rather awesome work which can be found on his deviantart page. I highly suggest you check it out!